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Leona Monaghan is the founder and owner of 2live Psychotherapy based in Tullamore, with secondary clinics in Athlone, Mullingar and Online. Leona has 15 years of experience. She developed the 2Live Concept during her time at the University of Limerick, while working with clients with a focus on their quality of life, on not just surviving, but with the right support, creating the conditions “2 live” your best life.

Leona studied at the University of Limerick to achieve her Graduate Diploma and Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and holds a BA in Psychology awarded by NUI Maynooth. Leona has also worked with vulnerable youths and adults as a Social Care and Rehabilitation Assistant.

2live Psychotherapy

2Live Psychotherapy supports Individuals, Couples, Families and Adolescents in accessing counselling and psychotherapy. I established 2live Psychotherapy in 2017.

I offer a highly confidential psychotherapy service that clients can trust. I work with both private and corporate clients.

I provide education and training courses to help people live their best life by facilitating them to utilise the skills and tools of psychotherapy to best suit their own particular needs.

Everyone’s life experiences are unique. There is never a one size fits all approach to an individual’s experience. What happens to us and at what stage of life we are at can shape how we live and how we view the world, and therefore how we react or respond to it and those in our lives.

It was from my own lif experiences that I came up with the “2 live” concept. Life is sometimes about surviving, and sometimes that is all we can do. I’ve found that with support and exploration, there is a chance “2 live” rather than to survive.

Why is
Good For You ?

Psychotherapy is a chance to talk confidentially with someone who can help you learn skills and new ways of looking at your situation. This can help you be more aware and capable of solving problems on your own. Psychotherapy is not like talking to a friend; you are talking to someone who can not only offer you a fresh perspective and help you to grow while teaching you coping strategies.

Often, people find it easier to talk to a professional therapist than a friend or family member, as your psychotherapist is not personally involved in your situation, they can offer impartial empathy and compassion, and will never take what you say personally.

2Live Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Our Specialist Services

At 2live Psychotherapy, we pride ourselves on tailoring to your specific need and work with you to find the best possible solutions and outcomes. We aim to give the same high standard to all our clients, both private and corporate.

Whether you are an individual, couple, young person, employee, manager or CEO, we draw on extensive field experience and learning to ensure you get the best of what we have to offer.

For Individuals

Individuals come for psychotherapy for so many reasons; not feeling themselves, feeling they are losing their mind, relationship difficulties, anxiety disorders, depression, self-harm and eating disorders, physical, sexual, emotional and/or sexual abuse, bi-polar, low self-esteem and low confidence, the list goes on. Some are referred by their GP, holistic therapists or someone they trust and have confided in.

There are no pre-requisites for therapy to begin, you can start at any time for whatever reason you see fit. Unfortunately however, the person is usually in some form of crisis. The main thing to understand is that you will be welcome, no matter what your story is, you may think it’s too much or the opposite, that you are over dramatising, but its best to come and explore it to get a great understanding of how its impacting your life and seek solutions in order 2 live again.

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For Couples & Families

Couples, partnerships and civil unions come to therapy with many diverse issues which present in their relationship. We have to remember that we all have our own family culture, traditions and our own past experiences that we are trying to join with that of another’s.

Couples who come to therapy are not always married, many are not. Couples may also seek out therapy as they are in the process of separating or have separated. We also have experience working with different types of relationships including gay and lesbian couples, couples with and without children, couples of other nationalities, inter-racial couples, and couples in either long-term or newly-formed relationships. If you feel your relationship may no longer be providing what you are looking for it is time to seek out what can help improve your situation.


All families have arguments and disputes and families are made up in untraditional ways. Family can go through untold tragedies that divide them rather than bind them.

If you feel your Family is struggling, it is time to seek some assistance. There will be no judgment, as the saying goes, none of us can choose are family, however with some education and exploration, we can choose how to be with them.


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For Workplace

Working with individuals and families informs my corporate practice. Seeing time and time again the strain and stress that we stride into and work with in our day to day lives has driven me to seek out and reach more people than I can in my private clinics. Psycho-education and up-skilling cognitively and emotionally reinforces our resilience to face the pressures of the high calibre world in which we live.

One of my main passions about working with different companies and on sites, visits are the considerable variance and honesty of response from staff, management and business owners to the material presented.

No matter what your workforce or your need for mental health and wellness planning and training, you can be sure it will be meet and tailored to your specific industry need.

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Take the First

Often, people find it easier to talk to a professional therapist than a friend or family member, as your therapist is not personally involved in your situation.

A therapist can offer impartial empathy and compassion, and will never take what you say personally.

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